Lilliputiens - Stella Bedtime Routine


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Will you help Stella get ready for bed? She uses her potty, puts on her night dress and nappy, and then cosies up to her bunny 'blankie' in bed. Read a soothing bedtime story, then it's lights out and off to dreamland. The glow-in-the-dark moon on her bed glows softly to help her fall asleep. Make your child's bedtime habits easier by adding a routine and fun activities. It will create a sense of calm and structure which little ones need for reassurance and facilitates life skills by learning simple activities they can do with you. Made with gorgeous plush textured fabrics, Stella is machine washable and filled with stuffing made from 100% recycled plastic bottles so she is eco-friendly. Her bed doubles as a carry bag to hold Stella and all of her necessities, making her ideal for travel or an overnight stay at granny's.

Dimensions: 21cm x 12cm x 32cm

Age Range: 2 years +