Lilliputiens - Red Riding Hood Reversible Doll


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The Red Riding Hood Reversible Doll by Lilliputiens is a cleverly designed toy that brings the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood to life. With its unique design, key elements of the story are embedded within the folds of the dress and her signature red hood is unmistakeable. Pack Red's basket with goodies and follow the forest path on her skirt to grandmas house. Flip over her skirt to reveal granny, but lift granny's bonnet and you will be surprised by the big bad wolf! But fear not, for the woodsman is also included in this delightful toy, tucked away inside a pocket. With his trusty axe, he is ready to save the day and rescue Little Red Riding Hood and her grandma from the wolf's clutches. Children will love exploring the various textures and fabrics of this doll, which are made from luxurious tactile materials. This helps to develop their motor skills and sensory perception. Above all, the Red Riding Hood Reversible Doll is a puppet that encourages imagination and observation. Children can reenact the classic story in their own way, creating their own happy ending and sparking a love for storytelling that will stay with them for years to come.

Dimensions: 23cm x 10cm x 26cm

Age Range: 12 months +