Lilliputiens - Joe Sensory Sound Ball


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The Joe Sensory Sound Ball from Lilliputiens is the perfect toy for your little one, starting from 6 months of age. Made with furry fabric, this ball is not only cute and cuddly, but it also features 7 different sounds that will engage and entertain your baby. Each sound is designed to stimulate baby's senses and helps to develop their auditory processing skills, allowing them to differentiate between different tones and pitches. The tactile fabric hooks on the ball are perfect for little fingers to grasp and hold onto, helping to improve fine motor skills. This also makes it easy for baby to toss and roll the ball around, encouraging them to move and explore their environment. In addition to its sensory features, the Joe Sound Ball is eco-friendly, as it is made with recycled stuffing. This means that the toy not only provides baby with an engaging and stimulating playtime, but also supports sustainable and responsible manufacturing practices.

Dimensions: 15cm x 15cm x 15cm

Age Range: 6 months +