Lilliputiens - My First School


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Welcome to My First School, where learning is always fun and imaginative! The Lilliputiens school house is made of high-quality FSC certified wood, ensuring the materials are eco-friendly and sustainable. The wooden figurines include a teacher who is happy to guide and inspire her two students that are each equipped with their own felt backpack, perfect for carrying all of their learning materials. The large window contains a 5 bead and 5 block abacus. The beads are perfect for counting and the reversible blocks show several different weather patterns. Flip them over to reveal a choice of facial expressions, an easy way to communicate your emotions for the day. They also help the students to understand different emotions of others and to develop their social and empathy skills. Included are 3 reversible cards to hang on the classroom wall mimicking educational images on a whiteboard such as the alphabet, numbers and countries. But learning isn't just limited to the classroom - lift the felt roof and pull down one wall of the classroom to reveal playground games and a vegie garden for fun and exploration. The daily activity clock is a great tool for learning routine whether it is lunch time, playtime or perhaps home time... just ring the bell! The Lilliputiens First School is designed to inspire creativity and encourage hands-on learning, ensuring that every student leaves the school house feeling confident, capable, and excited to learn more!

Dimensions: 27cm x 20cm x 22.5cm

Age Range: 2 - 6 years