Lilliputiens - Alice Hanging Activity Set


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Consisting of 3 separate elements, the Alice Hanging Activity Set ensures baby has plenty to see and do. The panels are easily attached to the playpen, cot, pram or carseat with the velcro loops and can be added all together or one at a time so baby is always engaged. Offering a variety of materials and activities, the wooden parts are FSC certified and water painted, while the high quality fabric pieces are different textures and patterns to offer a sensory experience. Give the bird a little squeeze to hear it's scrunchy sound and fly it into the fox's arms for a hug. The fox is so excited his tail will rattle if you give it a gentle shake! Slide the cherries and wooden bird over the rainbow and if you look closely at the apple, it doubles as a mirror. Ignite imaginations and encourage motor skills while developing touch, sight and sound with Alice Fox and her friends.

Dimensions: 15cm x 3cm x 15cm

Age Range: 9 months +